Hello Strangers

Yesterday I watched this film and cried like river because this film was really adorable, romantic and askdjhfsiudfgisaf. Too much light jokes that made me LOLing hard. This film made me smile, laugh, and cry. You’ll never know who is the name of those two characters until the end of the film, and there was fake Bae Yong Jun in this film xD The plot was about two Thai tourist met in the South Korea accidentally because the guy was drunk and he was left by his tour group. Then he followed the girl to wherever she go. At first the girl was annoyed, but at the end, the girl and the guy became a goodfriend. The girl was a K-Pop and K-Drama lover, but the guy doesn’t like it. The girl visited South Korea because she wanted to attend Minah’s wedding, her friend. The guy visited South Korea because of his ex-girlfriend (He want to marry with his ex, because he still love her). Then the girl told the guy to propose his ex using postcard, so the guy did it. He sent a postcard with “Marry Me” written on that. On the day of Minah’s wedding, the guy’s friend told him that his ex-girlfriend was married with another man. After that both of them are single person. So they became closer. (I was crying very much after they said their true feelings T___T) But when the guy and the girl were about to leave Korea, a girl came to their hostel, holding a postcard. Yes, the guy’s ex girlfriend found him, and said “I just can marry the right man”. Awkward moment. What happened after that? you should watch the film! :D http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/chantavit%20dhanasevi
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